Life Planning

Talking About Challenges to Care

Navigating Challenges

There are a variety of challenges that people face when diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC). Sometimes, the most frustrating are those that get in the way of getting the care you need.

Cost of Care

  • Get comfortable with the details of your medical coverage and make sure you understand your insurance.

  • Look into social security disability options.

  • Explore potential patient assistance programs through the pharmaceutical manufacturer(s) of the drug(s) you are prescribed.

  • Ask your treatment team if they can help direct you to local resources that can assist with your financial situation. Sometimes, there are local advocacy organizations to help with transportation, food, even household expenses. Talk to your health care navigator to see what resources may be available in your community.

Transportation to Care

  • If you can’t drive yourself to appointments, ask friends and family for help with transportation. As an alternative, consult a resource specialist or social worker for help scheduling transportation to and from your appointments.

  • If you are participating in a clinical trial, check with your trial sponsor to see if they will cover your transportation costs.

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive care is critical to helping improve quality of life. There are a lot of different types of care providers and alternative care options that can address challenges related to physical and emotional health, as well as the impact of the disease on your personal life and relationships.

For a full list of care providers that can help address your treatment needs, please visit the Make Your Dialogue Count Treatment Team Glossary. If you’re having trouble finding a care provider or specialist in your community, talk to your care navigator or social worker. There may be alternative options available.

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