Life Planning

Keeping Track of Your Priorities in Life

In the life planning section, you’ll find tips and information to help you talk about metastatic breast cancer (MBC) in the work place, when talking about challenges to care and preparing for what’s next.

MBC in the Workplace

Many people living with MBC may continue to work after their diagnosis. Here are a few tips to help you talk about MBC in the workplace.

Talking About Challenges to Care

There are a variety of challenges that people face when diagnosed with MBC. Sometimes, the most frustrating are those that get in the way of getting the care you need.

Preparing for End of Life

Talking about and planning for end of life can be hard, but thinking about it and discussing with your family and treatment team earlier rather than later can be helpful.

Your Potential Treatment Team

There are a lot of different types of health care providers who can address physical needs and help you focus on improving your well-being. Click the button below for a full list of health care providers.

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