MBC & Relationships

Talking to Your Parents

Your parents are always going to be there for you. It may be emotional to tell them, but keeping them informed can help them to support you.

You are in control of your care.

Similar to older children, parents of people diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) may want to take control of the situation and dictate treatment options. Emphasize that you are the one in charge of your medical care and treatment decision making.

Be honest, but set boundaries.

Keep your parents informed to the degree you feel comfortable, but do be open about your emotions and how you’re dealing with MBC. While they may feel helpless since they are unable to protect their child from this terrible disease, they can help by providing emotional support.

Help them find the support they need.

Every parent deals with their child’s diagnosis differently. There is a chance that they may withdraw from conversation to hide their concerns or in fear they will break down and cry in front of others. Encourage them to concentrate on caring for each other and seek support from friends, other family members and support groups for parents that have children with MBC or have lost children to MBC.

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