MBC & Relationships

Talking to Your Friends

You may find it helpful to have people other than your partner to confide in. Close friends are likely to be a source of emotional support, although it is important to remember that for some people it can be difficult to identify with cancer – especially types that have no cure.

Write it out.

Seeing the words on paper can help keep you focused on exactly what you want to say and how to put it to friends.

Accept and ask for support.

Friends and family are going to want to help. Be ready by giving specific tasks you need done that will make your life easier.

Set boundaries.

If you feel overwhelmed with calls and emails from friends checking in, consider having a partner take calls on your behalf and/or send around blast emails with any treatment updates.

Be understanding.

Keep in mind that some people may not know how to respond to your metastatic breast cancer (MBC) diagnosis – and in some cases, you may lose friends because of this. Instead of taking this personally, focus on friends who can give you the kind of support you need.

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