MBC & Relationships

Talking about MBC With People You Care About

Talking about metastatic breast cancer (MBC) can be hard, not only for you, but also for your family and friends. People are often unsure how to react or what they can say to best support you.

These guides are designed to help you prepare to talk about MBC with your children, life partners and friends so that you can take on the challenges of living with this disease together.

Talking about MBC while Living with It

Simply talking about MBC as a person living with it is not always simple. In this video, Rebecca, a MBC patient and advocate, spoke to Dr. Nadia Harbeck about how to communicate with friends, family and others about an MBC diagnosis.

Dr. Harbeck is head of the Breast Center and chair for Conservative Oncology at the Department of OB&GYN, University of Munich

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