Hear from Shirley Mertz, President of Metastatic Breast Cancer Network, on how to shape and improve conversations with friends, family and MBC treatment team.

This website has information to help you talk about metastatic breast cancer with your friends, family and treatment team.

Click through the sections below for useful tips, conversation guides and how-to's that can help you better understand your needs and discuss them with friends, family and treatment team.

About Make Your Dialogue Count

Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) is a difficult diagnosis to receive, and every person’s experience with the disease is different and can change over time. Building a team of healthcare providers – what we'll refer to as a "treatment team" – that can help you set personal and treatment-related goals, and provide support at every step of the way may help you. This team can provide guidance for treatment decision making, and help you navigate the physical, emotional and social challenges associated with MBC.

The Make Your Dialogue Count tool was designed by Novartis, in partnership with a Steering Committee of oncology healthcare providers and experts to help those impacted by MBC navigate the treatment landscape and make the most out of conversations with your friends, family and treatment team. Steering Committee members were paid to consult on the project.